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A tough decision...

By itself, this is a pretty good movie, but in comparison to the influx of CS movies coming out lately, I'm not sure if I'm willing to rate it any higher.

The thing that did please me was the added reality, as some of the other CS movies have them going bullet time and such. Oh, and basing it on a popular map might have made me give you a few more points.

Nothing personal, right?

Haha, the Dumbass reminds me of me.

Very well done. Far better than the Counter Stick series. Dust is one of my favourite maps! Keep working on Aztec, as that is also a very good map, although I'd love to see you make a movie of Rats.

Advances in skill since day one are apparent.

As the title implies, you've come a long way. The sounds are getting better, along with the animation. The movements seem to flow much better, although there are still a few noticeable jumps and quirks. Keep up the good work.

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I am not amused...

The scripting seemed fairly well thought out, but it all seems very pointless. If you had chosen a better song and a famous pop-culture icon, maybe I'd have given it half a chance. Sorry.

Best Flash game on NG?? Possibly...

I have never had so much fun with a game made in Flash. Sure, there were a few games which had me hooked for quite a while, but the freedom and creativity within the battles of this game makes it one of my favourites.

The graphics, although mostly black and white, were very appropriate and very well done. The sounds were a bit edgy in some parts (sometimes it lagged up for me, maybe that was the problem) and the music wasn't too extraordinary, but it certainly wasn't awful. I'd personally have preferred some hardcore rock or techno to fit with the theme of the killing.

Please make an expansion set of some sort to this game. Maybe you could add more costumes or different music options or more cheats, etc etc.

Props to you.

P.S My favourite thing to do in this game is to do the shotgun-over-the-shoulder-like-in-Army-of-Darkness move. =D

I like swords!

Great game, just like your Gunblaze and DDR games. I was just wondering, do you have any martial arts training involved with swords? This game seems really relevant to Kendo/Bushido/Samurai. Anyways, loved your work, loved the girls, loved the swords. Props to you!

jamus-se responds:

I never had any training with swords, and the sword idea is really something that popped out from nowhere (maybe I got inspired by something I don't remember). Thank you so much for playing all of my games. You have no idea how much I appreciate patient players.


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